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Stacey Lytle

Stacey is a passionate educator, speaker and award-winning author.  Her books include a life-changing Christmas tale, entitled The Glitter Keeper, along with three books she has written regarding education:  Insanely-Inspiring Writing Prompts for Littles, Middles & Biggles, FUNology -- The Science of Having Fun!, and her latest -- The Joyful Journey of a Homeschooling Mom . . . A Peek into What I Know for Sure!


Stacey has been an educator for over twenty-three years, working primarily with children and youth.  She has also spent much of that time empowering women and youth, working on teacher-development projects and parent education.  She loves coordinating events of all sizes and is responsible for the formation of several learning cooperatives.  

Stacey also loves to offer parents support through many different venues, such as workshops and conferences.  Her Mothers' Retreats are famous for rejuvenating and motivating other homeschooling mothers to avoid the infamous condition of "Mother Burnout."  

 To capture the true essence of Stacey, picture a woman flying by the seat of her pants, chocolate in hand.  Stacey skips through life, dabbling in a little of this and a little of that, forever exploring and embracing new passions and dreams.  It's not uncommon to see her rocking out in her favorite yellow slug-bug convertible--screeching to sudden stops, jumping out, camera in hand, snapping shots of sunflowers along the road, breathtaking sunsets, or a dilapidated barn.

Stacey's greatest joy is being the Mom to a handful-and-a-half of children.  She spends her days right alongside them learning and experiencing all this life has to offer.  Milkshake dates with her very own Knight-in-Shining-Armor are a weekly treat, and a lifesaver in this crazy and amazing life!

If she had one wish come true, she would cover the whole world with glitter in the hope of spreading light and joy for all.


To learn more, visit:  www.StaceyLytle.com

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